When air hangs in august trees
like phlegm to dying lungs,
sticky skins thread sullen streets
sweating Red Dog Rye;
old men, young sons piss out their purpose
in vespine knots, mouths full of shit and speculation.
Their spittle leaves pocks in the dirt.

Venerable interceders for God
passing bottles and judgements
behind taprooms festooned with pellitory.
Sunday tongues hum around residual teeth,
hackles rise above the somebody's fault line
and the saints lay down their good books;
gather up tindered principles, traditions like light-wood-

they bank them at the feet of crosses
set to burn in their nieghbor's yards.


Bill said...

Enjoyed many of your poems, Lettershaper, and the photos. Will drop in now and then to see what you're up to.


GeL said...

Here via Poetry Thursday (although I read some of the sites on your blogroll long before discovering Poetry Thurs.)

The first two lines of this poem crate an indelible image on my mind.
As for the photograph, that is an explicit reminder why Jan.15th should be honoured for Martin Luther King and the principles of righteousness and freedom he promoted.

Known Stranger said...

Shaping the letter
as thoughts tong
with hammer
nailing harder
pictures hanging beside
you pen better and wiser
than what i scribble

diana christine said...

what a treasure to discover your site. the photography is breathtaking and the words even more so. it will take me days to explore here. what a lovely, lovely gift to the rest of us....

Lady Jane said...
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apprentice said...

I love the residual teeth part. A powerful piece on such a day.

David E. Patton said...

Thank you for stoping by my site. I really do enjoy your poetry I can tell that you are a season poet who have found his voice, not an easy thing to do.

Anonymous said...
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With Hammer And Tong...The LetterShaper said...

Thank you, everyone, for the comments!

floots said...

"mouths full of shit and speculation" - says it all for me
reminds me why i became reclusive
good write

Elisa said...

EXCEPTIONAL! And so appropriate for the day...I'll be back here soon!

Mike Begnal said...

Interesting images fo sho,
& thanks for checking out my blog, as well....

tom said...

strong stuff, and good poetry

Dylan Hock said...

Good stuff! Great blog! You should consider submitting to my online arts journal Watching the Wheels: a Blackbird. You can find the links on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by with kind words.


Scott said...

Loved the visuals in the opening, the scene set so well. ~S

Scott said...

Loved the visuals in the opening, the scene set so well. ~S