Just Another Jane

She racks nine-ball
mornings at Bobby’s Blue Tip;
just another strip bar,
just another street…
current pit in a series of stops
and she’s got a loft,
top of the stairs,
over the stage
where she shakes tit
nights on the ten to four;
shimmies for the jimmies
in business suits,
they buy rounds in applause,
light cigarettes and check
their reflections on the backs of Zippos
always the same faces,
always the same song…
and in the morning
she’ll rack balls,
while the old men match each other
drink for shot;
they move lips that never speak,
their silence reminds her of home.


Patent Attorney said...

I like this, the way a great heartfelt message and meaning hides behind trivialities and colloquialisms is very clever.

The Lettershaper said...

Thank you for reading!

Accountants Lady said...

Fantastic poem, it has this sense of sadness to it that comes across really well.

Serviced Apartments Lady London said...

I really like that last line, the whole poem has an inherently cynical tone I think.

The Lettershaper said...

Thanks, Lady!