When Gods Were Many

Prometheus was a titan,
the wisest of them all,
best friend to Zeus
and full of the juice,
he liked pranks most of all.
Of great and godly humor,
the nymphs fell at his feet;
and though a good lover,
each would discover
his varied taste in sweets.
He often suffered for his wit,
or looking for a chortle;
one day he got bored,
went downtown and scored,
and made himself some mortals.
Then he rolled a ball from clay,
and stuck the mortals on it;
he noticed, in time,
they were dropping like flies-
how could he have blown it?
The mortals soon called to him
in tinny little voices-
"we're happy to please,
but we're 'bout to freeze,
and we ain't got no choices!"
Prometheus felt bitchin' bad
about the mortals plight;
he thought what he could do
to turn down the blue,
strapped on his wings
and took flight.
He flew to see a god he knew,
Haphaestus was his name;
but this dude with the fire
had no real desire
to parcel out his trade.
Prometheus got really pissed,
that fire god was such a Jew;
so he stole a spark
undercover of dark
and fanned it till it grew.
The stolen flame burned bigger,
(it almost caught the portals!)
he cast it down on frozen ground
and gave it to his mortals.
The mortals were warm and grateful,
Prometheus went to a party,
where he tricked Zeus out of his lot
of a sacrificed ox-
but that's another story.