My Aunt Lucy

My Aunt Lucy
had big blonde hair
that wafted around her head
like the sticky silk of a drunk spider.

My Aunt Lucy
wore her skirts too short,
violating the public
with fat pink thighs thicker than her waist.

My Aunt Lucy
drew her eyebrows on,
and painted her lips with vaseline
for a seductively greasy shine.

My Aunt Lucy
wore six inch spike heels
that made the fat pink thighs
look like cold pork popsicles.

My Aunt Lucy
wasn't allowed at our house,
but she always gave us new case quarters
whenever she saw us on the street.

My Aunt Lucy
died when I was twelve
somebody saw the cold pork popsicles
sticking out of a bin somewhere.

My Aunt Lucy
got her name in the paper,
the sisters chipped in for a longer skirt
and buried her in the back end of the yard.

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