I remember what they said
when we were not drunk,
or propping stools against
the same bar or even packing
our blunts in the same state
and speaking of states; in which
do their respective minds reside?

Pot-bellied pretender, moonstruck magpie;
throwing tilts in eliptical orbits,
barking edicts in stilted rants,
they long to eat the world and can't-

only lettershapers, after all;
pointless pitons planted in argot,
they fall backwards off their own shoulders-
spilling vowels and consonants
from stuffed shirts and padded push-ups;
words without sentences hunt the air
between them at a loss for thought
and conversation brings us to this wasted place;

everything else being extinct
when we were not drunk,
propped against different bars,
stoned in other time-zones-
I remember what they said.

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