Olongapo Night

She lay still, taut on the bed,
and watched as a fat spider
with spindly legs like eyelashes,
danced at the end of an unseen line.

It hung from a topmost corner
of the raftered cieling,
its slight, somehow lewd sway
cast eerie marionette shadows
that grew long and slunk away
along the muted eggshell walls.

She pulled the thin cover to her chin,
stared at it frightened, yet seduced.
A chill like a creeping fog spread through
the walls of her belly in thick layers.

The spider swung itself upon a beam,
and perched in an awful, knowing attitude.
It regarded her in silent anticipation,
seemed to wave in secret conspiracy.
It skittered in sudden decision across the wood,
then vanished off the edge of her perception.

She thought without effort of the Buso,
Mananangal of long forgotten nightmares,
and waited in puddles of cold sweat
for the sweet feast to begin.

1 comment:

diana christine said...

i have often attempted to convey to my students that true communication is that of creating an image in the mind of the listener/reader, not merely words. you are exquisitely skillful in doing do. you set the stage she pulled the thin cover to her chin giving us a strong image, and then you give us the feeling frightened, yet seduced (we have all been there...). your choice of words is lovely with such as skittered and then you leave us with a powerful close waiting in puddles of cold sweat for the sweet feast to begin. well done, very well done. i love it....