This Is How We Do It

We should lie down,
stripped on the floor
of your father's study;
except for our little girl panties,
which we pull aside at the crotches
with deliberate fingers,
our tongues at search
in slow circles of motion-

because this is how we do it;
this is what he sees
when he closes his eyes
and plays at sleep
behind us in his lazy-boy,
while we sit hip to hip,
lip to ear in front of laugh-in;
arms about our waists
like the oldest of friends-

our nipples like rocks
beneath his twitching lids.


The_Lex said...

OK. . .disturbing. . .but kind of in a good disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Really, really beautiful...it gets at the urgency of being young; the careless and wanton beauty of sex.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Makes me think of my sister!

Zorro of the Plains

JaneDoughnut said...

I am always floored by your writing. This is fabulously disturbing.

temppixie said...

Strange, ( in a god way) erotic, ( in a bad way) compelling (anyway)!

Fabrizio said...

What if was HER father's study?



flic said...

Hey, we're just good friends.

Nice poem.

willie said...

Hi Bimbo,

Just A Girl I Use To Know was paying on my MP3 as I re-rea this sleazy piece - an it was very effective.


dsnake1 said...

brave write!
like this piece.

Josie Bliss said...

thanks so much for your kind words on my blog....

amazing to know someone's reading it out there in the greater world.

i really like this poem...

be well,