"Edgecombe County unit 268 to Heritage ED on 340,
I need an MICN or physician to the mic, come back-"

-quick come back quick talk to me talk to me
hurry goddamnit hurry hurry hurry-

"This is Heritage, 268, physician standing by,
go ahead with your traffic"

"10-4, Heritage, wer'e en-route to your facility
with an approximately eight year old female-"

-six seven eight who knows there's no pubes
not even shadow only blood and blue and motherfucker
tach it out come on come on come on-

"-found in a field this AM, bound, gagged, patient does
show evidence of extensive trauma, numerous lacerations
and abrasions to the head and neck and-"

-fields narrow fields of napalm-charred children
limbs like struck matches raped first gutted second
dead but still running running running-

"-upper extremities show defensive wounds with left
shoulder dislocation, lower extremities present bilateral
femur fractures with the left compound in nature and-"

-butts they break legs and skulls with butts because
the sharp cracks make thier dicks hard bayonets only
make sibilant sounds machetes go whicka whicka whicka-

"-pelvis is unstable on side-to-side rock, abdomen shows
obvious distention with rigidity, genitals present evidence
of forced penetration with intestinal protrusion and-"

-the smell is wrong no kerosene no fish copper minus
sulpher ozone missing smoke make this fucker smoke
I'm losing pressure DRIVE goddamnit goddamnit-

"-B/P is 70/40 and falling, respirations at 6 per and
shallow, pupils equal but non-reactive and-"

-focus focus focus this ain't Dragon valley or Tam Ky or
even Phu Bai where Medi-vacs couldn't fly it's just
another day another dollar another kid another-

"-I have two 16 guage lines of LR going at WO rates,
tubation is precluded due to facial trauma however patient
has an oropharyengeal in place and is being bagged with
100% supplemental o2, patient showing junctional brady
on 12 leads and I have administered 5 of morphine and-"

-day in a field, narrow fields of dead men wearing their
gods on their faces but there are no gods is no god only
purple and silver and green and-

"-Heritage be advised we have a 9 minute ETA, prepare for trauma code, patient is bradying down to unnacceptable
levels, CPR begun due to age with one atropine push in
at this time come back-"

-sounds, sounds that lose rhythm and order become wails
become sobs and to cry is to realize and I won't I won't I-

"-10-4, 268, we copy your traffic, continue CPR and give
one Epi push, we are awaiting your arrival in room three;
see you in nine, Heritage is clear on 340."

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