Angelica Noir

lili Marlene Wore Red

fishnets and meted out blowjobs to guys in Soldat suits
on a screen ripped in the wrong places
while secret gentlemen sat scattered beneath the grainy show-
their names tucked behind faded faces,
and Lili had top bill above the Angelica,
where goodtime gals with cherry lips
circled outside under streetlamps-
lost things waiting for exodus.

Alice Found Mitchum

in a Noir house downtown; with maroon walls
and sprung seats and a projectionist named Mick
who spilled Captain Walker from his window on Wednesday nights,
pinned him to a hillside with Warnicki and Ay-Rab;
the weight of dead men hooding his face,
their shadows bone-deep behind his brow.


My 100 foot yacht said...

I love your use of line breaks! It really paces the poem and gives you all these surprises on reading. Take 'Wore red... fishnets' - the word 'fishnets' comes as this unexpected, not unpleasant, shock.

Kamilah Majida said...

This is a imaged laced trip through the real world of waking dreams, it speaks so deeply through a series of sound and colour and remain locked in a quiet tension of thought but leave room for imagination to take it into many place. This is an impressive piece of work.