Two Sevenlings


Late peach pies dress sills, whistle-thin
voices gather in empty rooms and whisper
beneath doors, around corners, behind the cool

of cracked windows. The dead have come
to reminisce; they tell stories of our futures,
pat our heads while we sleep sepia-hued.

Outside, broad-crested elms click near-nude limbs.


In the long hall, dark descends on sock feet,
beyond the past where everything is perfect,
where time does not fall from trembled nightstands

to shatter-stop against a perfect hardwood floor;
where a cat does not roll, or purr recognition because
everything is as it should be, nothing has changed,

and hushed sounds behind doors ajar are always there.

1 comment:

Kitchen worktops guy said...

Your line breaks are amazing! Just one example:

The dead have come /
to reminisce

That tense sense of anticipation as we pause on a cold note before the gentle "to reminisce" sweeps in... it makes for a rhythmical and emotional read.